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NEW FOREST – Original. Acrylic on canvas, 30x30x4 cm (12”x12”x1.6”), 2019


INTRO: This original artwork uses a unique combination of pour acrylic paint on stretched canvas. The artwork is signed on the back, provided with a certificate of authenticity, and is sold unframed, ready to hang.


CURATOR’S VIEW: The painting titled "New Forest," captures the vibrant and lush essence of the New Forest landscape, in the South-East of England. The artwork is alive with a variety of greens, from deep emerald to light, almost yellowish hues, suggesting the diversity of plant life within a forest. There are also touches of brown and grey, likely representing the trunks and branches of trees, as well as the forest floor. The brushwork is loose and appears spontaneous, with dabs and strokes of paint creating a sense of organic growth and natural wildness. The style of the painting leans towards impressionism, capturing the play of light and shadow within the forest and the overall feeling of being surrounded by nature. It evokes a sense of renewal, the tranquillity of a woodland escape, and the beauty of untouched wilderness.


ARTIST’S CONCEPT: In crafting this piece, I poured emotion into each stroke, blending acrylics to capture the essence of nature's spontaneity. The abstract and impressionist styles dance together to evoke a sense of renewal akin to a forest's awakening. Bold splashes of colour mirror the wild unpredictability of growth, eliciting a vibrant energy that will breathe life into any space it inhabits. This painting is my ode to the untamed beauty of the New Forest, in the South-East of England.


CREDENTIALS: Artwork acclaimed at the “Royal Arts Prize 2020” VII. Edition, hosted in London by La Galleria Pall Mall and the Royal Opera Arcade (ROA) Gallery, from 20 to 29 February 2020.


PRICE: £350


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New Forest

SKU: 1210-0035
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