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ROSES – Original. Acrylic on canvas, 50x70x3 cm (20”x28”x1.2”), 2019


INTRO: This original artwork uses a unique combination of acrylic paint on stretched canvas. The artwork is signed on the front, provided with a certificate of authenticity, and is sold unframed, ready to hang. Framing is available on request.


CURATOR’S VIEW: The image depicts a highly detailed and realistic painting of a bouquet of roses in full bloom, with a range of red, pink, and white tones. The roses are densely packed together, with overlapping petals creating a sense of depth and volume. The background is a soft, out-of-focus green, suggesting foliage without drawing attention away from the flowers. The overall tone of the image is romantic and delicate, with a traditional aesthetic that may remind one of classical still life paintings. The technique seems to involve fine brushwork with attention to light and shadow, giving the roses a lush, velvety texture. The painting is done on canvas, using acrylic paint, and conveys a sense of serenity and natural beauty.


ARTIST’S CONCEPT: I've poured my soul into this canvas, blending abstract forms with an impressionist touch to evoke the tender chaos and beauty of a rose garden at dawn. The acrylic hues speak in soft whispers of passion and serenity, inviting the viewer into a dance of emotion and tranquillity. This piece is not just a visual experience; it's an emotional journey that will breathe a harmonious energy into your living space.


CREDENTIALS: Artwork acclaimed at Syona’s solo show “The Journey | Le Voyage”, at the “Au Fond Du Bois” Gallery, in Tervuren, Belgium, from 3 to 9 February 2020


TESTIMONIAL: 'Excellent artistic work, the detail you include on each trace, the lighting and the shadows are all well placed, the buildings bring a work touch which definitely makes the piece outstand.'' (Calavera Gallery -


PRICE: £790


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SKU: 1210-0019
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