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11 Questions to Ask When Buying Art from Syona Fine Art

1) How do I choose an artwork on SYONA FINE ART?

You can search for an artwork by price, technique, or format. You can also see which artworks are recommended by other visitors to the site (number of "likes" visible for each artwork).

Regularly, our team is available via the "live chat" (pop-up window on the bottom right of your screen) or by e-mail to to answer any question you have about Syona and her artworks. We will be happy to guide you in your search and throughout the whole process of buying art on our website!

2) Can I see the artwork "in real life", at a point of sale, before buying it?

Although we do not have a permanent high-street SYONA FINE ART shop, we can organize by appointment a private visualization of the artwork(s) you wish to buy. This visualization will take place at our host, Red Cat Studios, in the United Kingdom, at 32 Queens Terrace, Southampton, SO14 3BQ. Since Syona's artworks are stored at a different location, it is essential that you make an appointment, in order to allow us to organize your visualization of artworks in the best conditions, before buying art on our website. In addition, Syona is regularly invited to exhibitions and exclusive openings where she presents her artwork and comes to meet you.

In the absence of a prior visualisation before buying art with us, our advantageous Return Policy allows you to change your mind within 30 days of receiving an artwork purchased on SYONA FINE ART, without any particular reason. Simply return the artwork to us intact and we will refund your purchase in full. For more details on our return terms and conditions, see our Returns and Refunds section.

3) Can I order multiple artworks in one purchase?

Yes, buying art on SYONA FINE ART allows you to purchase in one single order several original artworks by Syona. Simply select and place the artworks of your choice in your cart, and you will only pay once, via our secure payment system.

4) What are the payment methods available on SYONA FINE ART?

To help you with buying art, SYONA FINE ART offers online payment by PayPal, Payoneer or credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), fully secured with our SSL certificate.

5) Can I negotiate the price of artworks for sale on SYONA FINE ART?

On the market of art, it is very common for price negotiations to take place at the time of an artwork sale, whether by galleries, art dealers or even by the artists themselves.

Even if the price of our artworks is established with the greatest seriousness by the artist, we think that it is but normal to make it profit the amateurs of art on SYONA FINE ART.

The price negotiation is open for any original artwork of more than €1,000, for sale on SYONA FINE ART. Please contact us by email to with your price suggestion and we will help you buying art the fairest way.

6) What is your delivery process?

On SYONA FINE ART, delivery is free to all countries of the European Community and Switzerland, regardless of the amount of your order!

If you decided to go ahead with buying art with us, once you have confirmed and settled your order on the site, it will reach you within the time-frame announced during the ordering process. We take care of managing the transport service via Fedex Express. The artwork will be insured for the duration of the transport and delivery will be made to your doorstep.

Delivery information (tracking link) will be provided by the carrier. For more details on delivery methods, see our Delivery section.

7) In which countries do you ship?

Buying art from SYONA FINE ART is a borderless business! We deliver artworks all over the world.

8) Do I have to pay customs duty?

Buying art from SYONA FINE ART, with or without their frames is duty-free under Chapter 97 in the Ha

rmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS).

9) If upon reception I'm not happy with the artwork I ordered, what should I do?

Buying art from SYONA FINE ART if perfectly safe; we allow you to return your artwork within 30 days, 16 days longer than the legal deadline, and this completely free (for customers based in Europe and Switzerland)! For that, it will be necessary to pack the artwork according to the SYONA FINE ART Packing Instructions and to get in touch with our Customer Service, so that we can organize the return transport in secure conditions. This transport is paid in full by SYONA FINE ART.

If you decide to return an artwork, please contact us for delivery instructions and for a refund within 14 days. For more details on our Returns Policy, see our Returns and Refunds section.

10) I received my artwork, but it is damaged/not in conformity with what I saw on the website. What should I do?

The first thing to do is to document the situation, ideally with photographic evidence, and to send us immediately all the information available. We will contact the carrier for a refund.

For more details on our Returns Policy, see our Returns and Refunds section.

11) How can I contact Customer Service?

We want you buying art experience to be seamless. Our Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (Central European Time) and can be contacted:

- via the "Live Chat" (pop-up window at the bottom right of your screen)

- by telephone on +44 (0)2380 333 360.

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