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LILIES – Original. Acrylic on canvas, 80x60x2 cm (31.5”x23.6x0.8”), 2023


INTRO: This original artwork uses a unique combination of acrylic paint on stretched canvas. The artwork is signed on the back, provided with a certificate of authenticity, and is sold unframed, ready to hang. Framing is available on request.


CURATOR’S VIEW: The image presents a serene and elegant display of lilies in full bloom. There are multiple flowers, predominantly white, with hints of pink and green at the base of the petals and stems. The lilies are set against a soft, muted background of light green and beige, suggesting a tranquil garden or natural setting. The composition is tight and focused, with the lilies occupying most of the frame and arranged in a way that creates a harmonious balance. The artwork exudes a calming and graceful atmosphere, likely intended to evoke feelings of purity and tranquillity. The style of the painting is realistic with a softness that borders on impressionistic, reminiscent of classic floral paintings by artists like Claude Monet.


ARTIST’S CONCEPT: In my vibrant acrylic painting, I've melded abstract, impressionistic, and realistic strokes to breathe life into the essence of beauty and tranquillity that lilies represent. I poured emotion into each stroke, aiming to capture the delicate balance between detail and freedom. This piece promises to infuse any space with a serene yet uplifting energy, reflecting nature's effortless elegance.


PRICE: £890


SKU: 1210-0026 | URL:


SKU: 1210-0026
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