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Original. Acrylic on unwrapped canvas, 100x150x0.1cm, 2019


“Memory”, also called “Memory of a Leaf” is an invitation to take a multi-level “guided tour” through the memories of a fallen leaf, detached from the old, solid tree, blown away in circles by the wind – the orange guiding marks are diligently showing us the way – to ultimately land in centre. The centre of our perception obviously. The Circle. The Leaf’s long way ends here, nearly blackened by its brief but tumultuous existence… But wait, the Leaf is contained in the orange circle, but also in a concentric triangle, like a Horus eye. It points down, towards the ground, but up, the circle cracks and in the opening, we almost see the back of a Buddhist saint in lotus, looking towards the old tree. We are invited to move to a new level of interpretation. The old Leaf opens up and inside we already see a bright golden core awaiting to be released into the Light. The end of the Leaf is a new beginning. To us. Syona’s work is one deeply philosophical, rooted into the material world, but also connected to spirit, as much as to matter, to the wind that blows the Leaf off the tree, to the mute immutability of the old tree itself, as well as to the silent movements of our own consciousness and imagination.

Memory [SOLD]

SKU: 1210-0048
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