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FOUR SEASONS SERIES – 4 x Original. Acrylic on canvas, 50x70x2 cm (20”x28”x1”), 2020


The 4 original artworks of the “Four Seasons” Series use a unique combination of acrylic paint on stretched canvas. The artworks are signed on the back, provided with a certificate of authenticity, and are sold unframed, ready to hang. Can be displayed individually or as part of the 4-pieces series. Framed.


CONCEPT: The “Four Seasons” Series is a collection of four paintings, each representing one of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each painting captures the distinctive characteristics and colours of its respective season. Spring is represented with blooming flowers and fresh green tones, summer with lush foliage and vibrant warm colours, autumn with falling leaves and rich oranges and reds, and winter with bare branches and cool blues and whites. The style of the paintings is semi-abstract with a touch of impressionism, focusing on the play of colours and light to convey the mood of each season. The paintings are made with acrylic on canvas, using a palette knife or thick brushstrokes to add texture and depth. The overall feeling is one of harmony and the cyclical nature of time.


CREDENTIALS: Artworks acclaimed at Syona’s solo show “The Journey | Le Voyage”, at the “Au Fond Du Bois” Gallery, in Tervuren, Belgium, from 3 to 9 February 2020




PRICE: £890


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Four Seasons (Tetraptych) - Spring

SKU: 1210-0052
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