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TRANSFIGURATION – Original. Acrylic on canvas, 120x160x1 cm (47”x63”x1.6”), 2024


INTRO: This original artwork uses a unique combination of acrylic paint on stretched canvas. The artwork is signed on the back, provided with a certificate of authenticity and is sold unframed, ready to hang. Framing is available on request.


CURATOR’S VIEW: "Transfiguration" is an abstract painting that explores the theme of transformation and change. The composition is a dynamic interplay of shapes and colours, with swirling patterns that suggest motion and energy. The colour palette is rich and varied, with bold hues of pink, orange, and yellow juxtaposed against cooler tones of blue and green, creating a vibrant contrast. The brushstrokes are energetic and fluid, contributing to a sense of chaos and rebirth within the artwork. The overall impression is one of a metamorphosis, as if the elements within the painting are evolving into something new and undefined. The style is reminiscent of abstract expressionism, where emotion and expression take precedence over realism. The material is made of thick layers of acrylic paint on canvas, giving the artwork a textured, three-dimensional quality.


ARTIST’S CONCEPT: In this acrylic painting, I've woven metaphysical themes with expressionism, creating an abstract piece that blends reality's edges. Each brushstroke carries passion, suggesting transformation and introspection. The vivid pinks and warm oranges signify an emotional awakening, meant to inspire and energize any space it occupies. My art is a gateway to the soul’s depth, inviting viewers to delve into their own journey of change and reflection.


PRICE: £3,590


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