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WHIRLING – Original. Pour acrylic on canvas, 70x50x3 cm (28”x20”1.2”), 2020.


INTRO: This original artwork uses a unique combination of acrylic paint on stretched canvas. The artwork is signed on the front, provided with a certificate of authenticity and is sold unframed, ready to hang. Framing is available on request.


CURATOR’S VIEW: The abstract piece titled "Whirling," features a dynamic composition of swirling patterns and shapes. The predominant colours are vibrant shades of blue, orange, red, and white, creating a sense of energetic movement and flow. The abstract forms seem to suggest a centrifugal force, with elements radiating outward from a central point. The artwork has a modern, expressionistic feel, with the use of bold colours and energetic brushstrokes that could be likened to the styles of abstract expressionists such as Wassily Kandinsky or Jackson Pollock. The artwork evokes feelings of motion and transformation, as if capturing a moment of intense, chaotic movement in a still image.


ARTIST’S CONCEPT: In this passionate dance of acrylics, I unleashed my emotions onto the canvas, letting each colour whirl and spiral with raw, unfettered expression. The hues clash and embrace in a dynamic display, mirroring life's chaos and harmony. This piece embodies the spirit of resilience, a vivid reminder that amidst turmoil, there is beauty. It will bring an energetic, thought-provoking presence into any space, inspiring viewers with its fierce, undulating vitality.


PRICE: £790


SKU: 1210-0015 | URL:


SKU: 1210-0015
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